We compared the price of a basket of eleven popular fruit and vegetables at two of South Africa's major retailers.


Over the past month, ginger prices have gone through the roof!
An interview with Matt Dennis on CapeTalk about the Food Price Index.
We compiled a food price index using data from South Africa's three major online retailers.
Are Black Friday specials really as good as they seem? We took a look at sneaker prices to see whether advertised discounts are real.


What's on your wish list this year?


Potato prices have increased sharply over the past few months!
Have you noticed a recent change to the package size of a product you regularly purchase? Be careful, you could be the unwitting victim of shrinkflation. Shrinkflation is a subtle technique used by some manufacturers to boost profit margins on their products without attracting the attention of their customers.
About two weeks ago, we presented the Dop Index at this year’s (virtual) Why R? conference. It was great to have the opportunity to talk about what motivated us to build the index, and how we put it together.
The price of basic food items in South Africa has been steadily increasing during the national lockdown. We built an index for VAT-free food products.