Sneaker Prices on Black Friday

At Trundler, we like to show off our fancy footwear! So we had a look at the price of sneakers on Black Friday. One prominent South African Sportswear retailer advertised a 50% discount on all sneakers. We particularly liked the look of these three pairs of sneakers:

  • Fila Men’s Spaghetti Black Sneaker
  • Adidas Originals Men’s I-5923 Red and
  • Fila Women’s Disruptor Ii Purple.

As advertised, the Fila Men’s Spaghetti Black sneakers went on sale on Black Friday, at the expected 50% discount. But somewhat surprisingly, the Adidas Originals Men’s I-5923 Red and Fila Women’s Disruptor Ii Purple sneakers were already on promotion well ahead of Black Friday. From the end of September, they were marked at 50% and 65% of the regular listed price, respectively.

If you had purchased a pair of the Adidas Originals on Black Friday, thinking that you were scoring a great deal, you may be a little disappointed to learn that you could have purchased them a few months earlier for the same price.

In fact, there was a reasonable chance of picking up a discount on any sneakers that you might have purchased ahead of Black Friday. Take a look at the plot below, which shows how the price of sneakers sold at this retailer changed over time. The plot reflects the current price as a percentage of the full price for 608 products. The shaded area shows the range of the percentage, while the line reflects the average.

On average, this retailer appears to sell sneakers at about a 30% discount. This context makes the 50% discount on Black Friday look a little… less enticing. Nevertheless, a further 20% discount is not to be sniffed at, well, at least not by this analyst!


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