The Trundler Food Price Index

This post was updated on 2022-03-06.

The Trundler Food Price Index is an index that reflects changes in the price of food in South Africa. There are 7877 products in the consolidated index, selected from 3 major South African retailers.


The index is divided into eleven main groups, each consisting of a varying number of sub-categories. Wherever possible, we’ve aligned the selection of products and their respective weightings with those found in this reference document from Stats SA.

Here’s a look at the weighting of the main index components.

Interestingly, meat products carry the highest weighting, by a considerable margin. Then again, South Africa is a nation of meat lovers.

Let’s have a look at how the prices of products represented by each index component have changed since 1 March 2020.

On average:

  • the prices of products in the dairy and eggs category have increased by 8.2%
  • the price of meat has increased by 7.3%
  • the price of fish has increased by 9.3%
  • the prices of products in the oils and fats category have increased by 12.1%

On average:

  • the price of fruit has decreased by -1.1%
  • the price of vegetables has increased by 5.5%
  • the prices of products in the breads and grains category have increased by 7.6%

On average:

  • the prices of confectionery products have increased by 9.0%
  • the price of warm beverages has increased by 7.6%
  • the price of non-alcoholic drinks (sodas, fruit juice and engery drinks) has increased by 4.1%
  • the prices of “other” products, which include various sauces, condiments and baby food, have increased by 6.3%

Consolidated Index

According to Trundler, the price of food in South Africa has increased by 7.2% since 1 March 2020.

To put this into context, here is a chart showing the official annual food price inflation rates for South Africa over the last five years, courtesy of Note that the reference date for the Trundler food price index is 1 March 2020. At the time of publication (24 December 2020), food price inflation as reported by Trundler was measured over a period of about 10 months.


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