Roses on Valentine's Day

Six weeks ago, it was Valentine’s Day. It was a day for flower sellers to rejoice, as many of us parted with large amounts of cash in return for sweet smelling roses. Last year, we noticed that the price of roses increased suddenly and dramatically ahead of Valentine’s Day. In this post, we’ll compare rose prices for Valentine’s Day 2021 with those in 2020. We’ll also highlight a few examples of severe price inflation and take a look at how the overall price of roses changed.

Rose prices

At one retailer, a bouquet of 48 red roses shot up by R805 (32%) to R2490 ahead of Valentine’s Day. Each rose in this bouquet cost R52. Ouch!

The “Fabulous Fifty” bouquet is a similar bouquet, offered at a different retailer. On Valentine’s Day last year, this bouquet cost R1555. It cost R2655 on Valentine’s Day this year - that’s an increase of R1100, or 71%! Each rose in this bouquet cost R53.

On average, the price of a bouquet of roses increased by about 19% between Valentine’s Day in 2020 and 2021.

For many, the gift of a bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day is a firmly entrenched tradition. And roses are not a product that can be purchased far in advance, which means that flower sellers can push up their prices by considerable margins. There aren’t many options: either pay a premium price, or face the disappointed look on your partner’s face when you turn up empty-handed.

But there is another, less traditional way out of this price madness. Take a trip over to datawookie’s blog to find out how not to get screwed on Valentine’s Day.


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